Moving forward in 2017, Connecting With Love (CWL) has expanded its mission to include multiple charities. Though we will still advocate for and provide fundraising support for children in Guinea, West Africa, we are expanding our reach to include the support of local charities as well.

How it works

Connecting With Love will choose several charities throughout each year to support through our mission. The number of charities we can support will vary depending on the amount of community participation we can inspire. For every charity we pick, we will work to find a way we can aid them in advancing their cause.

By default, any monies raised at our fundraising events will go to the sponsored charity. However, if you wish to donate to our Guinean fund, please donate through our site directly or include instructions with your mailed donation.


The Outreach House is located on Ash Street in Lombard, Illinois, just west of the First Church of Lombard. The Outreach House seeks to meet the emergency needs of those in Villa Park and Lombard who are the smallest and the most vulnerable. Since 1999, the Outreach House has depended on donations & support from the many kind & generous people in our community. Among the help they provide is assistance with baby basics such as diapers, wipes, formula, etc., and food and clothing through partnerships with local food pantries and clothing closets.


Connecting With Love will hold a community fundraiser in support of the Outreach House on Saturday, July 29, 2017. Stay tuned as we will be posting more details soon!


Connecting With Love will continue its support of the children in Guinea, West Africa with ongoing fundraising efforts in partnership with the Bishop Boston Jacques and the Anglican Diocese of Guinea West Africa.

The Diocese of Guinea currently helps children in these following ways:

  • Provides 150 impoverished children with schooling. These children attend the Toussaint School. Many of these children are products of a parent or both parents dying from Ebola. These children have been abandoned with extended family, family friends, or members of the church. Although these families have taken in these abandoned children — the reality is they can’t afford them — and this is where the Diocese steps in.
  • Helps 35 infants from families where it is usually a single mother who is left to provide for her child/children by herself. The Diocese knows that these women could not work if they didn’t receive some kind of free and safe childcare for their children. The sad reality is many of these single mothers are extremely young and are with child because they were victims of rape, which is a widespread problem in Guinea.
  • Covers the educational expenses for clergy’s children during primary and secondary school. Priests in villages usually make only $75/month which is barely enough to live, let alone support a family.